As half-term arrives, many of you will be venturing home for a week or so for some much needed TLC, a homecooked meal and to have your laundry done.  Whilst the prospect of catching up with family and friends that you’ve not seen since the start of term has got you all excited, please follow some simple but important winter home safety tips to make sure your student house remains safe and secure in your absence.

At the beginning of the new term we shared some top tips about keeping safe at uni by Greater Manchester Police.  Since the clocks went back last weekend and the darker nights are now upon us, GMP have issued a new safety campaign, aimed at the general public.  Using the hashtag (#) #AlarmLocksLights as a memorable hook, the advice is simple but effective.

The video below is an example of the tips being shared by GMP.

Burglars target homes that look unoccupied.  Purchase a light timer and set it to come on when you’re out or away for a few days. It will give the impression that someone is in and deter would-be thieves.

Other tips include:

  • setting the alarm EVERY time you go out (day or night) and
  • locking all windows and doors, even when you’re in

At Mistoria Estate Agents, our number one priorty is our tenant’s safety. We provide you with all the home security measures we can to ensure you, your housemates and your posessions are secure but you must do your part as well.  We’re fully behind GMPs campaign and urge all our tenants to adopt the #AlarmLocksLights regime.

Follow #AlarmLocksLights on Facebook and Twitter for more winter home safety tips during the dark nights.

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