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Looking For a One-Stop Partner For All Of Your Property Management Needs?

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Property Maintenance

Carrying out property maintenance can be a daunting task, At RFM we offer our clients peace of mind and protection through a service-focused maintenance contract. Our maintenance team is available for all tenants’ day or night, 365 days per year, ensuring the tenant needs are looked after and the asset is kept in the best possible condition.

Benefits of using Mistoria Maintenance:

Tenants report maintenance issues or call outs through a real time ticket system 24-7 via the company website.

These tickets are then tracked, queries and completed by qualified and experienced trades people

Landlord approval will be first obtained for repairs over £250

All work is covered by a 12 months material and installation guarantee

Discuss Your Project

Mistoria Maintenance is also happy to quote for light refurbishment project or even property furnishing! Whether you are seeking an expert to fit your new boiler, plumb in your washing machine, furnish your home, build a new storage solution for your property or a partial re-wire we are happy to quote for the job

To find out more about Mistoria RFM, you can visit our website at or call one of the team members on 0161 667 3739.