Message From Our CEO

Dear Stakeholders,

It is with immense pride and a sense of collective ambition that I address you today, as the founder and CEO of the Mistoria Group. The essence of our mission, providing a comprehensive solution in the student and professional buy-to-let sector with innovative investment opportunities yielding high returns, has never been as pertinent as it is in this moment

This year, we’ve reached another big achievement. We’ve continued to work hard on our processes and systems to come up with new ideas that not only improve our clients’ lives but also help the communities we work in and encourage growth that’s good for the planet. Our range of services, which includes investing in properties that give good returns, estate agency work, custom building projects, and accounting, makes us stand out and shows how committed we are to doing excellent work and being ethical.

Looking to the future, we plan to keep innovating, focusing on sustainability, and making sure our clients are happy. Working together across all our different companies is our biggest strength as we try to exceed what our investors and landlords expect from us.

The past few years have taught us how important it is to serve our customers well, to be flexible, and to be resilient. As we move forward, we are ready to tackle the challenges of the property and financial markets with all the expertise and resources we have. We are determined to support you, our stakeholders, as we face exciting opportunities ahead.

I want to thank each of you sincerely for your ongoing support, trust, and teamwork. Together, we’re not just building a lasting legacy but also making a positive difference in the communities we’re part of.

Thank you for being an vital part of our amazing journey and contributing to our success over the years.

Best wishes,

Mish Liyanage,

CEO, The Mistoria Group