Our Auctions Partner: Town & Country Property Auctions

We can now offer an unconditional Auction facility to all our clients, which comes with a number of advantages over the traditional sales route:

0% Selling Fee (a fee will be applicable for your auction pack).

Control over your sale price – you can set your reserve.
A fast timeline to suit your requirements – 28 day completion date, but longer completions can be negotiated to suit all parties
Committed buyers who pay a non-refundable deposit and exchange contracts immediately.
Complete transparency

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How the Auction Process Works

Town & Country is a nationwide specialist property auction business & their message to those vendors is to sell your property – NO FUSS, FAST & FREE. They have the requisite in house experience and knowledge to give you “added value”. Their team have either had extensive agency experience or legal experience. Three of our four directors are lawyers, two of whom have over 45 years combined property experience. They can hone in on problems, ensure issues do not arise and have the necessary skill set to reassure both vendors and buyers. They know the process from both a practical standpoint and a legal one. This makes them truly different.
To begin the process, you’ll agree the minimum price you want to sell your house for. You can rest assured that your property will not be sold for any less than this reserved price, which is only known to you and the Auction Team. Then, a starting bid is set. It’ll be lower than your reserve, but don’t worry – this will help generate more interest, more viewings and hopefully a better price for you.
Before the auction closes, buyers are invited to come and view your property. You can sit back while the team organises viewings for you. Throughout the auction process, you will be kept up to date about any offers and viewings that come through. During this time, the legal team creates a pack for buyers which contains all the information they need to carry out due care and diligence. This pack also allows for a speedy exchange of contracts when you have accepted the buyer offer.

Call 0161 519 9554 for Further Information

Town and Country offer On-line auctions currently that run on the last Thursday of each month. They are timed and will run for approximately 2 hours per lot. Their team will manage this process from start to finish. Each lot will be sold on the fall of the hammer on an “Unconditional basis”. Fees are paid immediately upon receipt. 

The team  have the skill set in house to offer flexibility. If a vendor and a buyer want extended completion dates, then we are able to alter special conditions to facilitate. This is flexible certainty

They have an in house Auction Hub team. The team have a legal background and are here to facilitate the uploading of Auction legal packs and manage post exchange enquiries. They work with partner solicitors who know how the auction process works. This means packs are uploaded expeditiously with the correct information and legal details to ensure no hiccups.