Buying FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions - Buying

There’s two ways to book a viewing:

  • Via the website. We list every house available on the website. You can book by clicking on a house and selecting ‘Make Enquiry’.
  • By phoning us on 0161 707 6106.

With so many products on the market, searching for the best deal on your mortgage can be time consuming and to say the least, confusing.

A great way of alleviating these issues is to enlist the help of an independent mortgage advisor who will do all the leg work for you. Working closely with a local independent financial advisor, Mistoria can offer you a service which will assist you in quickly finding the right mortgage.

Call us on 01204 800 766 for advice and assistance with finding a mortgage provider.

Your House Survey

It’s easy to get carried away by the look and feel of a new home and ignore the crumbling brickwork or leaking roof. A small amount spent on a survey could save you thousands and is a must for all home buyers.

Survey Types:

Most buyers tend to rely on the mortgage lender’s valuation, which is simply the check on the property so they know it’s worth the money they’re lending to you. It will show up any serious defects that are likely to affect the value of the property but it won’t give you a full picture of its condition. For that you need a homebuyer’s or full structural survey, carried out by a qualified chartered surveyor.

There are three types of survey: the valuation report, homebuyer survey and structural survey.

Valuation Report:

This is the simplest and cheapest form of valuation of a property, and will be all that a mortgage lender will require. Its primary purpose is to reassure the lender that the property is sufficient security against the loan they are offering.

A surveyor will check the property inside and out, and make an assessment of a suitable value based on its general condition and the values of recently sold properties in the area that are similar. The report will contain a summary of condition, with comments on any general faults. It will also have brief recommendations to the buyer on further checks to be carried out.

If you are buying a new built home, the valuation is probably sufficient especially if the builder has signed up to the NHBC Buildmark warranty(opens in a new window). But if you are buying an older property, it’s advisable you get a full survey before you go ahead with a purchase.

Homebuyer Survey:

This is more detailed than the valuation report and can often be carried out at the same time. It’s not usually suitable for properties in need of renovation, or if you’re planning major alterations.

This type of survey will check out:

The general condition of the property.
Any major faults in accessible parts of the building that may affect the value.
Results of tests for damp in walls.
Damage to timbers – including woodworm or rot.
The condition of any damp-proofing, insulation and drainage.
The estimated cost of rebuilding the property for insurance purposes.
The value of the property on the open market.

Full Structural Survey:

This is the most complete and expensive survey. It is suitable for all properties, especially listed buildings, older buildings, properties you plan to renovate or alter in any way.

The survey will advise on:

Major and minor defects and what they could mean.
The possible cost of repairs.
Results of damp testing on walls.
Damage to timbers.
The condition of damp-proofing, insulation and drainage (though drains aren’t tested).
Technical information on the construction of the property and the materials used.

The location:

Recommendations for any further special inspections.

Other Reports:

There are then a number of specialist reports you may need depending on what the surveys uncover these include things like timber treatment and damp-proofing. The reports are often undertaken free of charge when the company is preparing you a quote for the repair work.


Mistoria are a leading name within the Northern property industry offering unrivalled services to a diverse range of clients. Our services include residential sales, lettings & management, property sourcing and investment, surveying, renovation and accountancy & taxation services.

Our unique ‘value chain’ approach is unrivalled in the property sector. Our business aims to offer unparalleled customer focus giving our clients a true value adding service. We believe in a total quality management approach through process innovation and continuous improvement. As a collective Group we have extensive expertise and knowledge within the different sectors of the property industry. Our team includes landlords, investors, project managers, lettings and estate agents, chartered surveyors and accountants.

Our commitment to you is the assurance that your needs will be met with Mistoria in a timely and cost efficient manner. Whatever your specific requirements, call Mistoria and we will be delighted to assist.


We believe in the adage that a picture paints a thousand words and we go to great lengths in ensuring that the images we produce and the detailed description of your property we write creates a compelling advertisement.

The use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin has become an essential part of the marketing toolbox; so much so that we have an in-house team to oversee the activities on these sites to ensure the image of the group is current and proactive.

For Sale boards are still a very important part of the marketing process and we have enlisted the help of one of the largest board management companies in the UK to manage this process.

Floor plans play an essential role in marketing your property as they are a great way of showing potential buyers the layout and size of the different rooms in your house.

Solicitors conduct all the legal work required to buy or sell a property. ‘Conveyance’ refers to the legal work required to transfer ownership of land and buildings from one owner to another.

Having forged links with a local firm of conveyancing solicitors, Mistoria are now in a position to give quotations on conveyancing fees in a matter of minutes. This service comes free of charge and without obligation.

We use all of the major portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla to market your property so as we upload the new details to our system it is fed automatically to our website and all online portals.

We will also have a list of local buyers and immediately update them on new instructions we have received.