Maximising your property investment returns from day one!

Benefits of Choosing Mistoria Estate Agents

Mistoria Estate Agents offers a variety of highly sophisticated, professional and tailored property management solutions guaranteed to satisfy all your property requirements. Managed by a team of highly experienced Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) qualified and National Landlords Association (NLA) approved lettings agents, we use state of the art lettings software programs to carefully monitor and manage your investment on a daily basis, allowing us to maximise and help you realise your property investment returns from day one.

Mistoria Estate Agent’s is your most valuable ally in HMO property management and investment. Our unique approach to business is informed by a wealth of combined experience, an ethical viewpoint of property investment, and a genuine desire to help landlords with their investments.
Exposure to prospective tenants - Mistoria Estate Agents

More exposure to prospective tenants

With a dedicated marketing team, we ensure we reach your target market through a range of varied media vehicles.

Accompanied Viewings - Mistoria Estate Agents

Accompanied viewings

We will take prospective tenants to your property.

Reference Checks - Mistoria Estate Agents

Extensive reference checks

We will ensure we find the “right” tenants for your property including credit searches, employment history, previous address, identification and guarantors.

Property Protection - Mistoria Estate Agents

Comprehensive Property Protection

All properties go through our inventory service to include video/photographic evidence, protecting both landlord and tenant. All properties are subject to thorough, quarterly property inspections.

Peace of mind - Mistoria Estate Agents

Peace Of Mind

Our team ensure property compliance including gas and electrical safety certificates, EPC’s, buildings insurance and 24/7 maintenance.

True Management - Mistoria Estate Agents

True Management

Management how it should be. We ensure reduced voids, maximised returns and exceed your expectations. Once monthly statements, produced by CIMA staff provide a complete in-depth overview of your property performance.

Property experts - Mistoria Estate Agents

Core Business Knowledge & Expertise

Our team includes Chartered Management Accountants ensuring the cash flow of your investment is efficient. Proven Marketing, Advertising and PR expertise with degrees in this field.

National Landlord Association - Mistoria Estate Agents

National Landlords Association & other trade body approved

We are members of the National Landlords Association (NLA) and are regulated by the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA).

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Estate Agets Manchester - Mistoria Estate Agents

Not a ‘Traditional’ Estate Agents

Our team comprises over 200 years of combined experience within the property industry. Our goal is not to simply fill an office with agents to answer phones and emails. Our people are experts, diverse in their experiences and specialised in their knowledge. We have an in-depth knowledge of Bolton, its demographics, its history, and – most importantly – its future. Our work in property sales is geared at facilitating the meeting of buyers to our clients and helping those looking to invest in HMO property to move quicker. Our extensive professional network is what allows us to do so much for our clients, and it can do the same for you. Professional room lets are second nature to us, and nothing proves that better than the speed and thoroughness with which we conduct business with our landlords.
HMO - Mistoria Estate Agents

We understand HMOs

Our portfolio of HMO properties past and present contains hundreds of rooms. Only a small fraction of these are let to students, giving us a richer, deeper understanding of tenants living in HMOs beyond the usual student properties that are common in many towns and cities.

Our understanding of HMO property management is a strength we can pass on to you, helping you to obtain your HMO property licence and ensure that your status as a landlord is fully compliant. Unlicensed HMOs can come with costly fines, and properties that don’t satisfy government guidelines for safety, cleanliness, and maintenance aren’t likely to get far.

Our team is well-versed in HMO guidance and we can take the stress out of ensuring your property abides by the rules.

Affordable property - Mistoria Estate Agents


Our low agency fees bring down the financial barriers for landlords and would-be investors, and we offer an upfront advisory service completely free of charge. We want to get your relationship with us off on the right foot, and though property investment always demands a certain amount of upfront capital, we want to ensure that – much like with property rentals – upfront fees aren’t the biggest roadblock to getting started.

We also offer free property valuations to help set expectations and give you some important guidance on where your property might sit in terms of finances, making conversation clearer and more harmonious between us and our clients.

Accredited estate agents - Mistoria Estate Agents

Accredited and award winning

We hold Propertymark accreditation to NAEA, ARLA, and NAEA Commercial standards, and have memberships with a wealth of property-related bodies including the Residential Landlords Association, the National Landlords Association, and the Deposit Protection Service.

Our inclusion to many of these bodies shows our commitment to upholding service standards and good ethical practices, and the honesty and integrity we use to guide our business relationships in HMO property management.

Besides that, we have a glowing track record of award-winning work that speaks for itself. Mistoria Estate Agents Bolton has been the Gold Winner for estate agents in Bolton (South) across 2020, 2021, and 2022. We also received the 2021-2022 Gold Winner for our lettings division in Bolton (South) and were 2021 Regional Silver Winner for estate agents in the North West (Manchester).

With our work consistently being recognised as some of the best in its field, and with our close ties to other bodies and companies in the wider property market, it’s no wonder we receive and deal with so many investor enquiries from individuals looking for a landlord management service in Bolton and across North West England.

Why Mistoria Estate Agents for HMO Property Management?

HMOs (Houses in Multiple Occupation) are more complex to manage than standard single let properties. Instead of managing a single household, you’re faced with the need to manage multiple tenants and multiple agreements, who each have their own circumstances and needs.

HMOs often represent a fantastic opportunity for many investors, but a lack of experience, knowledge, or support in property management can quickly degrade the quality of HMO lettings for landlords.

Mistoria Estate Agents understand the essential components of a successful HMO investment and can provide the exact right guidance.
Studet propertis - Mistoria Estate Agents

What help do I need in managing an HMO?

There’s a lot to consider if your investment is to be as successful in generating a return as you’re likely hoping for.

First, there’s the necessary compliance and licensing needed to own a property that functions as an HMO. This means the property needs to be suitable in size, well-maintained to a reasonable standard, and fitted with the necessary smoke alarms and safety-tested appliances.

It should be noted that an HMO license only applies to a single property at a time. Investors with multiple HMOs will need to seek multiple licenses, or else face multiple penalties. With fines under the Housing Act 2004 able to reach as high as £30,000, that’s not a risk that landlords can take.

The importance of marketing your property also cannot be overstated since this is the primary way for you to attract tenants or prospective buyers. Tenants need to be comprehensively referenced, inventories need to be made and checked, agreements need to be drawn – simply put, it’s a lot of work.

Let Mistoria Estate Agents shoulder the weight for you and make your HMO investment as financially secure as it should be.

our landlord fees


Standard full management fee:
Multi agency management fee:
Part management (rent collection only) fee:
Tenant find only:
Obtaining estimates and supervision of major works:
Administration of tax returns (TMA):
Duplication & testing of extra keys:
Issuing notice of seeking possession either section 21 or section 8:
For appearances in court on possession order matters:


10% of total rent received plus 50% of first month’s rent finder’s fee
15% of total rent received plus 50% of first month’s rent finder’s fee
25% of first month’s rent plus 8% of total rent collected
One month’s rent. If you wish us to prepare the tenancy for you please see our charges sheet.
10% of cost of work
£50.00 per annum
£10 administration plus the cost of key cutting
£150.00 per day

You are protected

We can reassure you that you are in good hands here at Mistoria Estate Agents. We are proud members of numerous well established property governing bodies and associations. 

PropertyMark certifications MEA
Mistoria Estate Agents - Propertymark certificate

Step-by-Step Guide: Marketing a Property

  • Ensuring that you have appropriate processes in place to gather and verify all the necessary information that potential tenants will need to decide about the suitability of the property.
    Collect all the information required for advertising and property particulars, as well as any information that prospective tenants would need during the letting process.
  • As an agent you are responsible in obtaining sufficient information from the landlord and make further inquiries if any information is incomplete or appears inaccurate. Ensure that the property is properly marketable.
  • In some cases, you may need to request the landlord to carry out additional work before marketing the property. For example, if the property has gas appliances, ensure compliance with the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 by checking if the landlord has obtained a gas safety certificate and advising them on necessary steps to be taken.
  • Do not publish information that you know or suspect to be inaccurate. If you provide misleading or inaccurate information about the property, it may be difficult to demonstrate professional diligence if you did not personally inspect the property.
  • Verify any attractive features of the property that you intend to advertise, such as parking rights, surrounding amenities, and views. Providing Information in Advertisements and Property Particulars.
  • All information provided to potential tenants should be clear, accurate, and not misleading. Do not omit material information.
  • The purpose of legal requirements is to enable consumers to make informed decisions about the property. Ensure that the information provided allows consumers to make efficient transactional decisions.
  • Clearly explain any phrases used, such as “fully furnished” or “unfurnished,” and provide detailed information about principal fixtures and fittings. Indicate that a detailed list will be included in the inventory.
  • Draw attention to material information in the documentation given to prospective tenants.
  • Material information should be provided accurately from the outset, even if the prospective tenant does not specifically request it. Take steps to establish accurate and complete information and communicate it to the tenant.
  • Be mindful of space limitations and consider providing more details in property particulars or through web links. However, web links should not obscure essential information.
  • Material information includes charges and costs associated with renting the property, property characteristics, condition, availability, terms of the tenancy agreement, any restrictions on use, and any requirements to use specific third-party traders.
  • Keep property particulars and marketing materials up-to-date, periodically checking and correcting any inaccurate information.
  • Promptly correct any discovered inaccuracies in the information provided, including information displayed by others on your behalf (such as property portals). By following these steps, you can ensure that you gather and provide accurate and clear information to potential tenants, enabling them to make informed decisions about the property.
  • Ensure that property descriptions accurately reflect or take into account important factors or information. Avoid describing a property as being in a “quiet area” if it is located above a late-night bar, even if the statement is technically true.
  • Use photographs that depict the property and its fixtures accurately, without giving a misleading impression of what is included. Do not alter images to omit problematic features.
  • Avoid making broad statements about the condition of the property, such as “immaculate condition” or “recently decorated,” unless they are accurate and apply to the entire property. Similarly, be cautious when making statements about features like double glazing, central heating, or security locks, ensuring that they are not misleading and only apply to relevant parts of the property.
  • Do not engage in misleading omissions or banned practices, such as offering a property for rent that cannot be rented due to non-compliance with relevant housing safety standards.
  • Avoid engaging in banned practices, such as advertising to tenants that you have properties available at a specific rental rate when you do not have enough properties at that rate to satisfy likely demand.


Information about displaying Costs and Charges

  • Ensure that information about charges provided in advertising and promotional material is full, accurate, clear, and not misleading. Disclose all fees that will be charged and avoid gradually revealing additional charges throughout the advertising and negotiation process. Fees of any description are likely to impact the average consumer’s decisi on- making process.
  • Present rent and other charges inclusive of VAT, even when the charge is a percentage of something else.
  • Accurately describe fees and provide clear information about the nature and extent of the service being provided in return. This helps consumers assess the reasonableness of the fees and make an informed decision.
  • Do not impose charges on a tenant or prospective tenant unless they are clearly set out in a contract that the tenant has already agreed to, and the terms being relied upon are fair. By following these steps, you can ensure that information about costs and charges is transparent, accurate, and fair to tenants and prospective tenants.

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