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The Mistoria Group is Growing

The Mistoria Group have evolved over the last 5 years into a major player in the NW investment scene, not only building a considerable Portfolio of 100+HMO and multi let properties but assisting many experienced and first time investors to own a hands off Investment that produce consistently high yields.

But in an ever changing marketplace the nature of property investments changes and opportunity is often a key component in the acquision of a good investment, but without ‘inside knowledge’ many solid property investments never get offered to the general public.

With that in mind  Mistoria Have launched new division to the Group

‘Mistoria International’

The focus of the new division will be to build on the domestic success of the group in two specific way

Firstly, bringing first class investment properties from all over the world to the UK marketplace, all investment will be vetted by our legal team prior to being offered so potential clients can invest in emerging markets with confidence.

Secondly, a strategy is in place to align with prominent agents in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Melbourne, Washington, Moscow and Milan to attract foreign investment to the UK for projects particularly in the area of social housing.

‘It is truly exciting times in the world of Mistoria at the moment’, commented the head of the division Jerry O’Brien, ‘Being able to offer the best investments in the international Marketplace with a price spectrum from £7,000-£1,000,000 will appeal to both experienced and first time investors’.

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