How to prepare your house for sale?

Getting your house ready to sell can be a daunting task and one that feels strange at first.

When you’ve lived somewhere long enough to think of it as home, it can be difficult to start getting it ready for somebody else, even if you’re looking forward to moving.

Preparing your house for sale needn’t be stressful, though, and clearly defining your goals can help to simplify the work.

Let’s look at how to prepare your house for the market.

How to prepare your house for sale?

There is no specific way to make your house ready to sell, and you might find that your house is ready to go as it already is. The preparation needed will differ from situation to situation – you might just be getting ready to sell when a burst pipe causes water damage and sets you back somewhat – but there are some generally good ideas to consider before putting your house on the market.


Just how much you choose to do this is up to you. For some, it feels great having their home contents organised and reduced. Others might feel like they’ve stripped the soul out of their house and made it less of a home. In any case, it’s worth remembering that buyers will have an easier time visualising themselves living in a new house without so many of the current owners’ things about the place.

Preparing your house for sale is also an opportune time to visit the local waste centre to recycle or dispose of anything you don’t intend to take with you. Clothes and toys can often take up the most room in a family home, and these are things that charity shops will gratefully accept as donations.

Freshen up rooms

It’s impossible to know what our houses smell like when we spend so much time in them. Nose blindness is a natural reaction of our bodies to smells we are around constantly, and even the strong smell of pets, shoes, and food can no longer register in our senses. Strong odours can easily impact the first impression and leave visitors with a negative opinion.

Opening doors and windows a healthy time before showings can freshen up rooms, flushing away humidity and excess warmth, as well as carrying away stale odours. A houseplant or two can oxygenate rooms and help add to the impression of ‘freshness’.

Research has shown that houseplants engage the senses, bringing people into the current moment – something that may help in subtle ways when people are trying to take in a new setting and imagine it as theirs.

Do some (simple) housekeeping

You can do a lot to improve your home in just an hour’s time. Replace any worn-out lightbulbs, mow the lawn and remove weeds, and wipe off surfaces that are prone to dust like plastic-cased electronics.

Wiping these surfaces with something like a tumble dryer sheet can reduce static and lessen the return of dust once you’re done.

If you can spare the money, it may be worth having the boiler serviced or having the windows cleaned professionally. These can help show the buyer you care about the property and prove that it’s been in good hands.

Remove as many distractions as possible

If possible, consider having pets and children out of the way when potential buyers come to see the house. This not only gives visitors space to think and take in their surroundings but also allows you to give them your attention. You can have a proper discussion with buyers and answer their questions without having to divide yourself.

Alternatively, if your estate agent is happy to handle all the viewings, you and the family can plan some time out of the house as these take place.

How much should I spend on preparing my house for sale?

A good first impression will go a long way with many buyers, but you don’t need to start paying out for a full makeover.

A good cleaning and decluttering are arguably the most important steps you can take to help your house sale along. Buyers are likely to have their own plans for when they move into a new property, so you don’t necessarily need to repaint and redesign your whole interior.

Generally, the most money you really need to spend on preparing your house for sale will be on some simple items like crack filler and paint to cover scuffs or small bits of cosmetic damage to walls, skirting boards, and the like.

If you’re starting to look at trader quotes simply out of fear that your house might not sell as well, it may be time to take a step back and consider how much you really need to do.

Something like a boiler service varies in cost from a company to company and depending on your location (London being more expensive) but expect to pay between £80 and £120.

Annual services are recommended on boilers, so taking care of this on behalf of the next buyer might be a nice gesture, as well as proving the heating system is in good condition.

How do I know my house is ready to sell?

If you’re unsure how much your house might need in terms of help before a house sale, why not ask a local estate agent to give their expert opinion and get some advice?

You may find that your house is actually in more of a ready-to-sell state than you originally thought.

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