Best places to buy or rent a house in Worsley

Planning to purchase a family home in Worsley, or maybe you want to rent a place that’s close to Manchester city centre without the hustle and bustle of a lively big city? Whatever your reasoning for choosing the wonderful Worsley as the place put down some roots, we’ve found out everything you could want to know about this picturesque place.

Worsley area guide – is Worsley a nice place to live in?

As of 2014, Worsley had a population of just over 10,000 people, making it a fairly small and pleasantly quiet spot on the outskirts of Greater Manchester. Known for its scenic walks featuring the unmissable Bridgewater Canal, it boasts plenty of greenery and is regarded as an incredibly attractive location – especially for avid runners and dog walkers.

What is Worsley like to live in?

A fairly affluent area, Worsley has built a reputation for itself as a clean, friendly and safe location. Ideal for families big and small, this scenic area boasts a fantastic community. Not to mention, just over 20 minutes is all it takes to reach the heart of Manchester, making Worsley the perfect base for a wide range of buyers and renters.

Property prices

Like any property, the exact property price (whether it’s being sold or let) will depend on much more than just the address. This includes everything from the condition of the property and the quality of the finish to the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. However, we have sought out the average house prices for both sellers and renters below to give you an idea of how much properties in Worsley really cost.

Property prices for buyers

Searching for houses for sale in Worsley? According to Rightmove, properties for sale in this area had an overall average price of £283,510. If you’re looking for a terraced property, you can expect to spend roughly £194,927. More interested in a semi-detached place? Then £256,511 is the average price in Worsley for this type of property, while detached equivalents can be attainted for around £448,425.

Property prices for renters

Looking for houses to rent in Worsley instead of buying? Based on research carried out by, the average monthly (pcm) rental price for a Worsley property is £1,393. The most notable difference is between flats and houses. To rent a Worsley flat, you’ll be looking at roughly £788pcm, while a house in the same area fetches £1,494pcm on average. For a two-bedroom property, you can expect to spend around £968pcm, while a five-bedroom home is set at around £1,995pcm.


The vast majority of schools in Worsley have received an Ofsted rating of either ‘Outstanding’ or ‘Good’, ensuring this peaceful village receives an overall high standard of schooling. To find out more about catchment areas and the criteria needed to enrol children in various Worsley schools, it’s well worth reaching out to a local letting/sales agent in Worsley (like ourselves) or getting in touch with the school themselves.


Featuring plenty of extensive nature reserves and woodlands, Worsley is just as well-known for its wide selection of eateries. Boasting both traditional pubs serving comforting British fare and sophisticated restaurants offering irresistible Italian dishes, there’s a place for every kind of diner. Complete with boutiques and handy convenience stores, there’s a great mix of practical, leisurely and hospitality amenities.

Nearby towns of Worsley

If you like the Worsley area, but want to expand your search for the perfect property, then why not explore towns just outside? With plenty of fantastic locations in the Greater Manchester area, it’s the perfect hub for families with ties to both Worsley and Manchester city centre. We take a look at some of the most popular places located just outside of Worsley below!


With a slightly larger population than Worsley, Swinton is a beloved and easily-accessible town in the City of Salford. Boasting two railway stations, an impressive selection of well-rated primary schools and just as many churches, this family-centric town is perfect for couples looking to settle down.


A suburb of Worsley located in the City of Salford, Ellenbrook is another popular location for couples looking to start a family, thanks to its quiet streets and small population. Benefitting from a church and a couple of pubs and takeaways, a doctors’ surgery and a pharmacy, Ellenbrook is a well-equipped but smaller alternative to Swinton and Worsley.


Featuring great public transport links, several well-maintained public parks and highly-rated schools, Eccles is both an accessible and popular place to put down roots. Now complete with new developments that have been added in recent years, Eccles is a great location to start your Greater Manchester property search.


A suburb of Eccles, Monton is known as a particularly desirable area of the City of Salford. Bursting with an assortment of cafés, restaurants, shops and pubs, there’s no shortage of places to dine and enjoy. While Monton is no longer served by its own railway station, the residents can enjoy the handy bus service.


Located on the border of the City of Salford, Boothtown is a quiet town with a thriving community. While it doesn’t benefit from a tram or railway station, a bus route that heads straight into Manchester city centre can be easily accessed from the neighbouring location of Ellenbrook. It features many eateries and provides residents with the opportunity to take pleasant walks along The Bridgewater canal.

Need help with your Worsley property search?

Looking for some of the best estate agents in Worsley? If you require additional help finding the perfect property in Worsley and the surrounding areas, then please don’t hesitate to reach out to the highly-experienced and knowledgeable team at Mistoria Estate Agents Worsley today!

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