What Property Checks Must a Landlord Make?

Property Checks for Landlords

When you make a property investment for a buy-to-let or HMO property, you become a landlord and need to be aware that there are many different legal checks that a letting agent must carry out on behalf of the landlord. This month for example it was announced by the Government that landlords will be required by law to make sure that inspectors they hire to carry out electrical safety inspections have the necessary competence and qualifications to do so.

The Government also said that it will press ahead with plans first announced last year to introduce regulations requiring landlords to undertake five yearly safety checks of electrical installations in their properties. The new law doesn’t have a date set yet for introduction and will be phased in when it does begin, but good practice would be to start these checks now so there is no issue in the future.

When you hire a letting agent to look after your investment portfolio you need to ensure that they are covering these legally required checks for you as you will also be held responsible if something goes wrong. Here are some other key safety regulations you need to be aware of:

Gas Safety Checks

An annual gas safety check must be performed by a Gas Safe Registered engineer at no longer than 12 months intervals and copies of the certificate given to the tenant.

Fire Safety Order

There must be a risk assessment in place to comply with the Fire Safety Order. It should be in writing.#

Electrical Appliances

If your property is furnished with electrical appliances it is the landlords responsibility to ensure that they are safe when you start a new let. It is also advisable to perform regular tests of any portable appliances to ensure they are safe.

Fire alarms and fire safety

The landlord is responsible for ensuring any fire alarm systems are checked regularly. It also a requirement that you make sure that the means of escape from the property ,such as the hallways ,stairs and landings, are unobstructed.

Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarms

Landlords (in England) are required to provide smoke alarms on every floor of their property and a carbon monoxide alarm in every room which has a solid fuel source.

This is not a full list of all of your paperwork and certification requirements but an illustration of the considerable amount of work needed to keep yourself compliant.

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If you are thinking of making an HMO investment you also need to consider who will be your agent once you have purchased the property. We would love to talk to you about our services. Please give us a call on 0800 500 3015 or email info@mistoria.co.uk to drop us a line.

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