The value of a good garden!

Often, when people are trying to sell a house, all their efforts go to making the interior look appealing, but to the buyer, first impressions count and that means the outside of the property.

Recent research about the house buying process have revealed that over a third of buyers would purchase their new home based on a good view alone (after all if you don’t like what’s inside, you can change it yourself over time), and also that a good garden view can add up to £15,000 onto the value of the home. Indeed, that explains why most people consider their favourite room as the one with best view.

Now that you know how much your house can profit from with a good garden, don’t you think it’ll be worth it to do some work in your garden and improve your home’s ‘kerb appeal’?

First impressions are highly important when you are showing off your house to potential buyers, so try to make the most of your garden.  If you’re clever about it, it could be the difference between and sale or no sale.

Here are our tips on how to spruce up your garden for a sale:

1.Prepare the garden for a viewing: Imagine you are having friends over for a BBQ or garden party – how would you want your garden to look?  The same notion applies for a viewing.  Cut the lawn, trim and prune the hedges or flower beds, put out some flower pot or tubs.  Remember, this applies to the front and back garden.   If you have garden furniture, clean it and perhaps set the table or place a few cushions on the chairs.  Clear away any childrens toys and ensure the washing line is clear and bins are out of view.

2.Present your garden as a private and relaxing space: Identify an area of your garden suitable for a bit of natural privacy, away from noise and noisy neighbours and direct your viewers to it during the visit.  Having a private space which allows you to disconnect from the distractions and interruptions of everyday life is highly valued nowadays.

3.Make your garden child-friendly: A large number of buyers will have children or may have them in the future, so having your garden adapted for children is a thumbs up.  If you’ve got kids, set out their outdoor toys nicely in the garden to allow the buyer to picture enjoying the garden with their children.  If you know the buyer doesn’t have/want children, clear any toys away.

We hope you are now a little clearer on how to make the most of your garden, but if you still need some more advice about how to sell your house or you have any questions, call Mistoria Estate Agency on 0161 707 6106.  Alternatively email for some more tips on how to prepare your house before selling.

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