How To Make Your Next Student House a Home

Before you moved into your new student house, you probably saw hundreds of pictures on Instagram of beautifully decorated rooms decorated with hanging fairy lights and plants on the windowsill. Now that you’ve moved in, you might want to recreate that aesthetic for yourself. We’ve put together some tips and tricks to achieve the same look without breaking the bank. Your room will be like a home away from home in no time! 

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are possibly the most instagrammable part of your room. Their soft light makes everything look great and can be really soothing when you’ve had a tough day of lectures. You can buy them shortly after Christmas for a massively discounted price. Make sure you buy ones that plug into the mains so you’re not constantly paying for new batteries. Drape a strand around your bed or over your noticeboard if you have one. Remember to turn them off before you fall asleep, though.

Print Out Family Photos

Many students struggle with homesickness when they first come to university. A good way to stay connected with home is to print out pictures of your friends, family and pets. Having these familiar faces around you can be really comforting. Once you’ve got some photos with your new university friends, you can print them off too. There are many online services that allow you to upload your pictures, print them as polaroids and have them sent straight to your door. You can then hang them from a piece of string with wooden pegs you’ve decorated yourself.  


A great way to make a room prettier is to buy some potted plants. They boost your mood and add a splash of colour and lots of oxygen to your room. Given that you’ll probably forget to water them from time to time, we recommend going for hardy cacti. If you know you’ll never remember, consider getting some realistic plastic plants to brighten up your room.  

New Bedding and Pillows 

Your bed will be the most noticeable thing in your room, so really make it stand out with some new bedding. You can go for something plain, something wacky, or something nostalgic (Disney duvet cover? Don’t mind if I do…). You can often find duvet covers and pillow-cases on sale at Primark. If you really want to go all out and make your room extra comfy, get some extra cushions from a charity shop. 


Show off your individuality with a few posters. They might be of your favourite TV show or film, or your favourite band. They make for excellent conversation starters, especially if you don’t know your new housemates particularly well. Don’t use something to stick them up that will leave a mark though, as you will risk losing your deposit.  

Keep Things Tidy

Buy a laundry bag so you don’t have to wade through mountains of clothes when you wake up every morning. Tidy up the rest of your room by putting your books and folders on shelves and buy storage boxes that fit under your bed to put some of your stuff in.

Good Speakers

Whether you plan to rock out to your favourite tracks on your own or at pre drinks, or host film nights for you and your friends, a good pair of speakers is essential. There are lots of cheap options available online. 

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