Winter is Coming! Look after your Student Property’s Pipes This Winter

How you can avoid a HUGE bill with just the turn of a dial!

What’s this all about?
Those living in student accommodation in winter need to know that their biggest enemy is not the temperature of the house while they are there, it is how warm the house is while they are not there over long periods such as the long awaited Christmas break. If the house is left unheated over this period of time there is a good chance that your property may be subject to frozen pipes. Any physics student will tell you water expands when it freezes, so frozen pipes will likely mean burst pipes. The result of burst pipes will can cause flooding, with damage to ceilings, furniture, flooring and appliances. The bill for the damage may end up costing tens of thousands of pounds. It has happened before – don’t let it happen to you!

What do I need to do?
Mistoria Estate Agents recommend that the heating is left on continuously over the winter break with the thermostat turned to the lowest setting. Remember though, the heating must be on continuously or you will be liable for any damage. Do not be tempted to leave the heating on a timer setting for a few hours a day as this will be unlikely to safeguard the building from freezing. If you are unsure of the setting for your thermostat, contact Mistoria Maintenance who will be able to instruct you. Typical settings vary from using the frost symbol to setting the dial to 5, 10 or even 15 degrees but you need to use the correct setting for your location. Which setting to use is specific to each location, and may vary between different Salford properties and Liverpool properties, so make sure that you do consult a professional if you aren’t sure.

It really is that simple, there is nothing else to know. If you follow these easy steps then you can avoid a lot of damage to contents and avoid a lot of stress in January upon return to your property! If you are going to properly care for your student accommodation in winter and avoid frozen pipes, then Mistoria Estate Agents recommend all of the above. If you have any queries, particularly if you have problems with your heating or you aren’t sure how to set it, please contact Mistoria Maintenance.


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