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The novelty of midnight takeaways and fast food is probably beginning to wear off by now. After all, there are only so many different flavours of pot noodle.

With winter approaching we are all craving home cooked meals (mainly because we don’t have to cook them ourselves) however living away from home means that you are responsible for your own meals, whether you like it or not.

You are now in charge of your diet and how nutritionally balanced your meals are so don’t just live off quick easy food, make sure you’re eating your greens too! Break the student stereotype and get clued up on what nutrients your body needs. Looking at a guide such as The Eatwell Plate will give you a rough idea of portion sizes for each food group.

Mistoria Estate Agents don’t provide high quality kitchens for them to go to waste. Try out these useful links crammed full of healthy, cheap and easy recipes:

BBC Good Food

Their student section consists of comforting meals such as pasta bake and sharing dishes such as chicken fajitas, there is something for every occasion. They also provide useful articles on how to kit your kitchen out and extremely basic recipes which are worth a read.

Good to know

One for those who are lacking in the cookery skills department, this website provides recipes for basic breakfasts such as bacon sandwiches and porridge through to easy dinners such as tomato and chilli jacket potatoes.

Food Network

101 essential student survival recipes -need we say more? With a whole section on budget meals, this website is ideal for money conscious students who still want delicious wholesome meals.

Jamie Oliver

Fear not these recipes do not require Jamie’s skills in the kitchen but offer cheap and easy meals such as hungover noodles and fish finger sandwiches. This website also offers 10 healthy tips to live by incase you are unsure on how best to look after your body.

We aren’t expecting anyone to turn into the next James Martin however these links should give you basic knowledge and skills. Most of the recipes serve 4 and would be perfect for housemates who want to split the cost of self-catering.

Mistoria Estate Agents provide high quality student accommodation so if you’re in need of student lettings advice please do not hesitate to contact us. Email us at for more information on our student accommodation.

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