Top Tips to be More Secure in Your Student Home

How secure do you feel in your Student Home? When you are living in a student house, student safety is always important. The Salford & Liverpool student areas aren’t immune to crime, so it is best to ensure that you take as many precautions as you can to make your student house safe. It doesn’t need to be difficult and complicated, there are a few pointers that can help.

8 Tips to Help you Become More Secure

Locking your premises is of the most basic ways you can secure your dwelling and personal property. Lock your doors and ensure that your windows are not open. If your windows have locks make full use of them. All of the Mistoria properties are fitted with burglar alarms that you can put on when you leave the property.

Even when you are not at home, leave some lights on. That way you will give the appearance that someone is at home and deter a burglar. The trick is to never make your student house an obvious target.

Put away all your stuff
Don’t leave belongings and other items hanging lying around in the backyard. You may just make it easier for someone to break into your home. Student homes are such a big target to burglaries and robberies because almost every student has one laptop and other electrical equipment. Make sure you store your laptop in a safe place!

Consider insurance
Yes, it’s true that you have enough to worry about but it may be worthwhile to take out insurance. This can save you much more headache in the event you are a victim of burglary. You can check with Mistoria Estate Agents to get an idea of what the rates might be like for someone living in the Salford & Liverpool student areas.

Put up a warning sign
This might actually be more effective than you think. Having a “Beware of Dog” sign would certainly take your dwelling off the top of the list of potential targets for burglars.

Be careful about your rubbish
Shred all your bank statements, receipts and personal information when throwing it out. If you buy a new item that comes in a big box, tear up the box in smaller pieces so you don’t give away any clues that there is a new appliance in the house.

Be aware of your surroundings
If you see or feel that something or someone is suspicious, then you should contact the local police. Always be aware of your surroundings and be sensitive to anything that does not seem right.

Talk with Mistoria Estate Agents

Talk to one of the team here at Mistoria. All of the team are experienced and knowledgeable about the Salford & Liverpool student area. They can advise on student’s safety and what measures to take to secure your home. The police and your university community team can also advise you on student safety. Here at Mistoria we see student safety as a huge priority and that’s why all our properties are fitted with safety measures.

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