Renting your first student house

Are you a first year university student? If you are, you’ll no doubt be starting to look for next year’s accommodation already.

The search seems to start earlier and earlier each year and at Mistoria Estate Agents we’ve already had lots of Freshers (as well as second, third and fourth year students) enquiring about Salford and Liverpool Student lettings for the 2018/19 year.

We understand that many of you won’t have dealt with landlords or letting agents before and that the whole process can seem pretty daunting and complicated but it needn’t be. Renting your first student house should be a fun experience but it’s really important to make the right decision about where to live and who to live with. Will it be your friends from halls, those on your course, sport teammates or society buddies? Whoever you choose to live with, it’s a big step into adulthood that you can all take together.

When beginning your search it’s crucial you use a reputable letting agent. Mistoria Estate Agents are members of both the National Landlord Association (NLA) and the UKALA (UK Association of Letting Agents). We are a leading agent and the largest private student accommodation provider in the North West with over 250 properties in Liverpool and Salford.

Here are our top tips for first year students looking for Salford and Liverpool Student lettings:


Rent will be your biggest outgoing each month and you need to know that you can afford to make the payments. Look at your finances, work out how much you can afford and only view properties that fall into your budget. Once you know your budget you can start looking at different types of accommodation and affordable areas.

Finding the right property

At Mistoria Estate Agents we offer all inclusive rent which includes many of the household bills you’ll be expected to pay including energy, water and internet! We also advertise our properties on a room-by-room basis so you and your housemates can view houses with the correct number of bedrooms for your group, as well as quickly determine affordability.


Once you’ve settled on a property you and your new housemates will be required to pay a deposit. This is a compulsory payment that all letting agents ask for and is needed for two main reasons; one, as a down-payment to secure the property for you until the start of your tenancy, meaning it cannot be let out to anyone else once you have handed over your money and signed the tenancy agreement. It is there for your protection. Secondly, the deposit will act as a buffer to you and the landlord should one of your housemates up and leave part way through the tenancy, to cover any unpaid bills or for damages to the property during the tenancy.

All deposits received by Mistoria Estate Agents are put into a deposit protection scheme (as required by law) for the length of the tenancy. NO DEPOSITS ARE HELD BY MISTORIA ESTATE AGENTS.

In the vast majority of cases, deposits are returned in full at the end of a tenancy. The only time this doesn’t happen is when there are outstanding utility bills to pay or there is damage to the property that is the fault of the tenants.


When you move in to your property the landlord or letting agents will carry out an inventory. This document will state the condition of the property, as well as a list of all fixtures and fittings in the property. It acts as a record for all parties to know what belongs to the landlord and what condition everything is in. At the end of the tenancy this information should help to avoid any disputes.

During the tenancy

At Mistoria Estate Agents we carry out quarterly inspections of all our properties at a time and date agreed with tenants. This helps us keep up with any maintenance issues and any necessary repairs. We do, however, ask that you inform us immediately of any faults or damages so they can be addressed as soon as possible and avoid further problems. For example, if the property is suffering with lots of condensation, we need to address it before it turns into a damp or mould problem. The key to any successful tenancy is to leave the property in the same condition that you found it in – this means keeping on top of cleaning and day-to-day house-keeping and maintenance. We understand many of you will be new to this but you need to take the responsibility of renting a property seriously and treat the property with respect.

Entering into your first student let is a unique and exciting experience and one we hope you will enjoy. For the best private Salford and Liverpool Student lettings, speak to Mistoria Estate Agents on 0800 500 3015 or visit


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