Moving to new student accommodation

With just a week to go until A-Level results day (on Thursday 14th August), the prospect of moving to university and into student accommodation is looming for many.

Whether you’re heading off to uni for the first time in September or you’re a returning student, the same rules apply when moving from one property to another.  Below are some top tips for a successful and stress-free moving day!


Use a professional removals company
If you’re planning on taking a lot of belongings with you to uni, you’re going to need more removal space than mum and dad’s car!  A professional removals service (such as Mistoria Spotless) is your best bet for ensuring your items will be transported smoothly and safely.  This is especially worth considering if you are moving into unfurnished student accommodation and you are taking your bed and other bulky furniture with you.   Other benefits of using a professional removal company include you and your helpers (i.e. mum and dad) not having to do the heavy lifting and negotiating any stairs.  Reserving a parking space for your removals company might also be useful.

Pack in advance of moving day
If you’re packing yourself, give yourself plenty of time.  Start a few days before and aim to do a few boxes each night.  Pack anything fragile carefully in bubblewrap, old clothing, sheets or towels to pad and protect the items.  Label boxes with what room they belong to, or according to contents to make distributing and unpacking at the other end easier.  A decent removals company will also help with packing.  Mistoria Spotless can dismantle your furnitre and re-build it again for you once in your new student accommodation – that saves dad battling with a screwdriver for hours!


Meter readings

If you’re moving from one student accommodation to the next, make sure you get a final meter reading from all your meteres before you leave.  Call your suppliers and tell them the figures so you can pay any outstanding money and close the account.  Failing to do this could result in a dispute with your landlord or agent, not to mention added stress that you just don’t need!

Pack a weekend bag
No, we’re not suggesting you go on a mini break and forget all about packing your belongings.  Packing a bag with some fresh clothes, toiletries, pyjamas and other personal items for the first night/next day will be a life saver.  This simple tip could save you a lot of wasted time opening box after box looking for your toothpaste!

Pack an essentials box
As above, you don’t want to be rummaging around in all your boxes to find your phone charger or the kettle as soon as you arrive at the new place.  An essentials box with kettle, cups, spoon, coffee, tea, milk, sugar, toilet roll, snacks, phone charger will be the best box you can pack.  Consider including other practical items such as pens, scissors, sellotape, and even takeaway menus for the new house – who wants to cook on moving day?!  Ensure this box travels with you and isn’t packed away with everything else.

Final checks and clean
Leave your old house clean and tidy for the new tenants.  Not only is this polite, but it could mean the difference between receiving 100% of your deposit back or not.  If your landlord or letting agent has to employ a professional cleaning service after you have left or pay for any repairs, the cost will come out of your deposit.  Whilst you are cleaning, this could be a good chance to have a proper spring clean and sort through your belongings.  This will save you the time and effort of packing and moving items that you no longer want or need. Remember to dispose of any unwanted items responsibly.


Make up your new beds in the new house first

Do this first and then later on when you’re tired and have had enough you can fall straight into bed!

Order an online food shop delivery
This could be a life line. You’ve got no time to factor in a food shop during a busy moving day so order ahead of time and arrange for a food shop to be delivered to your new address.  You’ll thank yourself later, as will your hungry and thirsty helpers!

Meter readings
As when you left your old property, take readings from all your meters and call the suppliers with the numbers.  This will ensure services don’t get cut off and if there are outstanding balances from the previous tenants, you aren’t the one footing the bill!

Say hello to your neighbours
Fellow students or regular folk, introducing yourself to and being friendly with the neighbours can make or break your time in your student accommodation.  Good neighbours can keep an eye on things when you’re on holiday or at home for the weekend, Christmas or the summer.  Plus, it’s just nice to be friendly and make an effort with the neighbours.

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