Our Top House Selling Tips for 2024

If you plan to put your home on the market in 2024, you’ll need to carry out some prep work before the ‘For Sale’ sign goes up to help secure the best price possible for your property. Selling your home is a business transaction where every detail counts. In 2024’s competitive market, it’s important to put in the time and work to present your home in an appealing light and allow you to set a competitive price. In this article, we’ll reveal our top 10 house selling tips to help you achieve a successful sale.

Before listing your property


Potential buyers may find it difficult to imagine living in your property if it’s overly cluttered with possessions. Ideally, you want your home to look neat and organised, with all surfaces clear and clutter-free. If, after a clear-out, you still don’t have enough storage space to store the clutter, it is worth paying to box up some unused items and keep them at a storage facility until you’re ready to move.

Complete all those DIY odd jobs

Owning a house means you always have a list as long as your arm of maintenance tasks and odd jobs that need completing. It’s never-ending. If you’re considering selling, now is a good time to tackle your to-do list head-on. Fill holes in the wall, touch up paintwork, replace a carpet, reseal the bathroom, hang pictures on the wall, and do everything possible to make your home look well-maintained and cared for.

Think neutral, light, and airy

The more of a blank canvas your home is, the broader its appeal will be. If you can attract a wide audience, it should be easier to sell your home quickly. Consider redecorating very bright or dark interiors in lighter and airier colours. Hanging strategically placed mirrors can also make your home’s interior appear lighter and roomier.

Spruce up its kerb appeal

It’s true first impressions do count, so it’s important to make an effort with the front of your property to help get viewings off on the right foot. Small changes can help make your property look more inviting and cared for – like jet washing the drive, painting fences, painting wooden doors and window frames, mowing the grass, and maintaining plants.

Listing your property

Hire an estate agent

Selling your home can be complicated and stressful, so it’s important to partner with a trusted and experienced estate agent to help you navigate the process successfully.

Set the right price

Nobody wants to drag out the process of selling their property. Setting a fair and competitive price from the outset is a good starting point to ensure a quick sale. When you partner with a local estate agent, you gain access to valuable insider knowledge about the local market, helping you to confidently set a realistic price that ensures maximum profitability while minimising the time to sell.

Be flexible

If you want to sell quickly, you must be open and flexible about allowing access to the property for viewings and negotiating with potential buyers.

Preparing for viewings

Make it look homely

Aside from clearing clutter, there are plenty of other ways to stage your home to make it look more homely. Things like placing a vase of fresh daffodils in the centre of your table or ensuring your fruit bowl is full of fresh fruit are subtle touches that make it easier for viewers to imagine themselves living in the property. Make sure you turn lamps on in any dark corners and light a fire to make it feel cosy if the property has one and it’s a chilly day.

Make it smell nice

Smells can be off-putting for potential buyers, particularly pet smells, if they don’t own pets themselves. Remember to air your property by opening windows an hour or two before visitors are due to arrive. You could light a scented candle too, but make sure it’s nothing too overpowering. Avoid spraying a lot of air freshener, which can be overpowering and may look like you’re trying to cover something up!

Clean thoroughly

You want your property to look clean and cared for, so always ensure it’s spotlessly clean before viewers arrive. Create a property viewing cleaning checklist that includes essential tasks like putting the hoover over, wiping down kitchen sides, cleaning the bathroom, dusting, and wiping windows.

With these 10 expert house selling tips, you’re poised for a smooth and successful house sale in 2024.

Start Your Property Search

Once you have your Agreement in Principle in hand, you’ll have a good idea of the type of property that is within your budget. It’s time to approach estate agents and start your property search in earnest.

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