10% of landlords

British Gas and Shelter have found that 1 in 10 landlords are unable to confirm that their tenants are living in gas safe properties.

Landlords have a legal obligation to have their accommodation inspected for gas safety yearly however only 14% of landlords admitted to being aware of these regulations. Failing to meet this requirement can lead to large fines and even imprisonment. After each inspection landlords receive a gas and safety check certificate. Despite this research found that 10% of landlords who took part in the study were unable to confirm that they had the certificate.

Worrying statistics like this mean that a large number of tenants aren’t living in secure accommodation and are at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

British Gas engineer Ben Whitehouse gave tenants a warning, “Carbon monoxide is a silent killer and can leak from a range of household appliances. That’s why it’s so important to fit a carbon monoxide alarm.”

We know it’s more tempting to look for a better deal on rent rather than the important safety checks but when looking at homes for the next academic year it is important to enquire about the safety of a property and how general upkeep will be managed during your rental contract.

As a tenant you have a right to a copy of the gas safety certificate. Asking other questions about smoke alarms and safe routes for evacuating in the case of a fire will also allow you to suss out how safety cautious your landlord is.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Knowing that your home for the academic year is secure will give both you and your family peace of mind. If your landlord is compliant with regulations then they will be happy to show you the appropriate documentation and if they can’t you should probably look somewhere else!

Mistoria Estate Agents are a lettings company that specialise in student lets. We work on behalf of the property owner and provide our tenants with all of the relevant safety documents. We have policies in place that protect our clients and inspections are carried out regularly to ensure we are providing a safe living environment.

Mistoria Estate Agents provide high quality lettings around in the main university cities of  Salford, Liverpool and Preston. If you are interested in safe and affordable North West accommodation for students please contact us by calling 0161 707 6106 we will be happy to answer any of your queries.

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