Top tips to university success

University is such a special and unique time. For many, it’s your first real step into adulthood and looking after yourself. It’s freedom, independence and a time to grow. Above all else, it’s a time to learn. As you fall into your new life in a new city with new friends it can be easy to forget why you applied for university in the first place; to learn. Whilst it can be argued uni is one big learning curve; learning to look after yourself, cook, clean, be organised and on time are all valuable life skills, you need be focused on your studies and work hard. University can equip you with the knowledge and experience needed to succeed in your future career. Use the time and resources at your disposal wisely and you’ll reap the benefits long after graduation.

Here are our top tips to university success…

Student accommodation

Where you live (and who you live with) can make or break your uni experience. It’s where you’ll spend most of your time and so it needs to be secure, welcoming and comfortable. Getting a good night’s sleep in a safe and cosy environment will dictate your mood, concentration levels and general well-being and happiness. You need an appropriate space to study, relax, socialise, sleep, cook and live.

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A new lifestyle

It’s never too late to get into good habits but the sooner you establish them the better. You’ll know whether you’re a morning person or a night owl so plan your routine around your natural cycle. Remember to eat healthily, drink plenty of water, get a good night’s sleep and be organised. Set your morning alarm allowing enough time for breakfast, plan your meals and remember to include fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet. Get an early night before morning lectures and exams. Buy a diary and plan. Allow yourself time to work and play. Mark key coursework deadlines and exam dates in the diary and work backwards to plan out an achievable work schedule.

Social life

An active and varied social life will have knock on effects in all aspects for your life. Joining societies akin to your interests will help you to make new friends as well as gain valuable experience in your areas of interest. Active involvement in societies and sport team successes can lead to university awards and achievements to add to your CV.


Simply put, if you don’t knuckle down and put in the required work, you won’t get the results you need or want. University isn’t like college or sixth form; it requires a lot of self discipline. No one is going to chase you if don’t attend lectures or seminars (eventually you’ll get a formal letter or email), lecturers aren’t there to babysit you and your parents won’t be there to nag you to get out of bed in the morning and drive you to class. You need to be self-motivated and strict with yourself. Work hard everyday and get the most out of your university experience. It will be good practice for working life where self motivation, managing your workload and prioritising will all be key.

Work experience

Take advantage of your university’s connections and opportunities and absorb as much of your department’s resources as possible. Internships and the chance to study abroad are common offerings. Using the resources on offer can give you the edge over competitors when it comes to applying for jobs after university. The saying “it’s not what you know but who you know” applies here. A work experience placement could even lead directly to a job offer if you impress.

Make the most of your university years and you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labour for years to come.

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