Surviving homesickness at university

Moving to university is a nerve racking time for anyone, whether you are moving 30 minutes or 300 miles away. There are lots of worries throughout the process such as securing accommodation, what to take with you, and how best to get there.

One of the hardest parts of moving away from home is dealing with homesickness. The end of Freshers Week may have burst your bubble and made you realise how much you are missing loved ones.

It’s normal to feel homesick, however do not to dwell on those negative feelings. We understand, there’s no better feeling than having all of your cooking and washing done for you but university is perhaps one of the most exciting times of anyones life – so enjoy it!

Make sure you stay positive, there are lots of things to enjoy at university like making new friends and becoming independent. Remember feeling this way will not last forever and neither will university.

It’s important that if you’re missing home you don’t sit in your room alone – not only will that make you feel even worse but you will struggle to make friends with your flatmates. Whether you’re in university accommodation or private student accommodation making an effort to socialise in the communal rooms will make you feel better.

Establishing a routine will also help to take your mind off things. Allocating time to go and explore your new location and picking out your favourite spots, will make your university town feel a little more homely and will ease any sad feelings you have. Take new friends with you to explore too – don’t spend too much time alone.

Taking a few items such as pictures and trinkets that remind you home will help to make your new room more comfortable.

Don’t keep things bottled up! Talking about it will make you feel better and stories about things you and your friends at home have done will help new friends get to know you a little better.

Finally – keep in touch with friends and family, be careful not to over do it though! Ringing your parents should be something to look forward to, not 30 minutes of you sobbing down the phone because you miss your pet rabbit.

If you are thinking about moving into private student accommodation Mistoria provide high quality properties in prime university locations. With the added benefit of all inclusive bills, a home with us could even help with your budgeting.

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