Settling in to your new student pad

Most students are now settled or settling into their new student properties for the next academic year, to begin their student experience or to continue their courses into their second, third or even fourth year.

Some thrive being in their new properties whereas others struggle being away from the home comforts. To help with this we have put together a few tips to help with the transition:

1 – Make it homely – It might be a new temporary stay property, but it doesn’t mean you have to treat it as a temporary residence. Buy new bedding, a cute bedside lamp maybe even a small rug for the side of the bed. Anything that makes it more homely and comfortable during your stay. And definitely put up pictures of your family, friends and pets.

2 – Cleaning – No one likes to live in a dump. It might be boring but keeping on top of your room and ensuring you have plenty of cleaning products available will definitely help in the long run and mean you can invite visitors and feel proud of your property.

3 – Get to know your city – It is always good to know where the best bars are (or the cheapest), where you can nip if you need milk or if your family come to visit you know exactly where to take them. It is also handy to know exactly where your campus building is and maybe try out different routes and find out whether it is best to get a bus or simply walk.

4 – Test Your Cooking Skills – Don’t fall into the standard student rule in relying on takeaways. Buy some cook books, do research on recipes online, eating healthy will make you feel better in yourself. There are so many easy meals out there or get creative and have your own ‘Come Dine with Me’ competition with housemates.

5 – Create a wall of inspiration – You can include anything you want on this wall if it makes you feel positive. This could be pictures, sticky notes with reminders, plans for the future, props you’ve picked up on a night out/or tickets to an upcoming gig. Anything at all to brighten the room and pick up your mood if you’re having a stressful deadline day. But check with your landlord before using blu tac on walls.

6 – Keep a medicine box – You will realise the necessity of this sooner than you think. Fresher flu does exist and having a box of essentials to hand when you wake up feeling less than ok. This stops any dreadful walks to the shop when all you want to do is stay in bed.

Everyone has different comforts to help settling in to new places, but just remember to enjoy it!

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