As spring arrives, protect your student accommodation from thieves

Today (20th March) marks the first day of Spring, and hopefully with it, a change in the weather.  As we prepare for the Spring/Summer term, the impending clock change is also around the corner.

Daylight Saving Time starts on Sunday 30th March (not forgetting Mother’s Day on the same day – get a card in the post this weekend if you’re not planning a trip home!).  The clocks go forward by an hour, essentially meaning you lose an hour’s sleep that night (sorry!).  We suggest you alter your clocks and watches before you go to bed on the Saturday night – most digital electrical devices (smart phones, tablets, laptops) will automatically update.

The time change brings with it Summer and longer and brighter days.  This should also mean warmer temperatures, and fingers crossed, some sunshine too.  With the warmer weather, the opportunity to be outdoors in the garden (not just the beer variety) or nearby park beckons.  We encourage getting as much sunshine and vitamin D as you can – it’s good for the soul and generally makes us all feel a bit better doesn’t it?

However, we do stress that whilst you’re enjoying any good weather that may be coming our way, spare a thought for your student accommodation and making sure it is secure.  Whilst we want you to open the windows to get some fresh air into the house, please be cautious as well.

Student accommodation and the good weather

Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) are of special interest to intruders as usually each person who lives in the house will have their own computer, TV and other valuable equipment, turning the house into a very attractive target.

It sounds simple but remembering to close and lock windows before you go out is a must.  Those who have bedrooms on the ground floor at the front to a property need to be particularly careful.  We advise you only have your bedroom window open when you are in the room and where possible keep the blinds shut.  Thieves don’t need much encouragement.  Professional thieves will be in and out of an open window in no time, and with them any valuable items they can get their hands on.  Keep expensive or desirable belongings out of view.

If you’re spending time in the back yard or garden of your student accommodation, the back door may be open for long periods of time.  Again, please remember to shut and lock this afterwards.  Don’t give thieves an invitation!

It’s a team effort. If one of you forgets to close a window and thief gets in, they then have free rein to access to the whole house!

If you’re worried about a potential break-in and want to ensure your personal belongings are looked after, you should consider some content insurance.  We can put you in touch with a reliable insurance company who specialise in student accommodation content insurance. Give us a ring on 0800 500 3015, we will be happy to help you.

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