Liverpool student house-hunting checklist

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We know how stressful it can be searching for a student house, particularly if you’ve left it quite late in the day. For student letting agents like us, it feels like peak house-hunting season starts earlier and earlier each year, with the bulk of students now searching for their next pad in Oct/Nov for the following academic year! This is especially true of second, third and fourth year students who already have an established friendship group they are keen to live with next year. For first year university students, the term has only just begun in Oct/Nov and it can take until at least Christmas, if not longer until Easter, to make decisions like who to share a house with for the entire of year two!

To help those of you who are still to find your student house for the 2019/20 academic year, we’ve created a house-hunting checklist, which you can take with you when viewing properties to make it easier for you to decide if a student house or flat is right for you…


Is the exterior of the property in good repair?

Is there double glazing and are the windows in good condition?

Are inside walls free from damp, mould and cracks?

Is there adequate heating in all rooms?

Are there sufficient electrical sockets in each room?

Are there adequate facilities and communal space for the number of people sharing?

Do bedroom sizes meet everyone’s expectations?

Do you know what furniture/appliances are included?



Is there a current gas safety record for the house?

Is there any working fire detection equipment such as smoke alarms, and firefighting equipment such as fire blanket/extinguisher in kitchen, etc?

Is there adequate security – locks on windows and doors, a burglar alarm?



What is the rent? How is it paid and how often?

Are the bills included? If so, which ones and are there any usage limits?

How much is the deposit, and in which scheme is it protected?

Does the landlord/letting agents intend to carry out any improvements/repairs before you move in? Get these in writing.

Will there be any rent reduction over the summer?



Are they happy with the state of the property?

Do they consider the landlord to be professional and get repairs done quickly?

Do they like living in the property?

Why are they leaving?


If you have any other suggestions of questions that need to be on the checklist, feel free to message us at or or leave your suggestion in the comments section below.

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