How to Ensure your Student House stays Clean

How to Ensure your Student House Stays Clean and Pest Free

One of the biggest problems with renting a home, is the contention over deposits for student houses. Often you will find this is over marks on carpets and walls due to spillages, mould in bathrooms and other living spaces or a pest infestation. Not only do you want a pleasant, relaxing and pest free environment to live in, but you want your deposit back. We explore cleaning tips for students, to ensure you safeguard your deposit, manage cleaning rotas and keep both yourself and your landlord / Mistoria Estate Agents happy.

Keep on Top of Household Chores throughout the Tenancy
There is nothing worse than having to start cleaning a house that is messy and dirty; the task feels never ending. By keeping on top of the cleaning, not only can you monitor the condition of the flat, reporting defects to your landlord or Mistoria Estate Agents fast, you can also move through your daily and weekly tasks when you have a spare half an hour.

To help you with your cleaning regime, there are a number of cleaning tips for students available to help you with organising and keeping your student house clean.

  • Ensure you have a rota within student houses. By designating duties, which rotate week by week, you are more likely to cut down the workload and amount of cleaning required. Have a ‘beer fund’ or similar, anyone not doing their duties has to pay in!
  • Everyone should have responsibility for their own individual areas, such as their rooms. In shared spaces, such as the kitchens and bathrooms, get everyone to store items in their rooms. The reduction in clutter will make cleaning a lot quicker and easier.
  • Be regimented with the toilet! If the toilet is not scrubbed with the toilet brush after every use, seats wiped down and the floor wiped of any splashes, it is easily the worst job to do!
  • Have a ready supply of cleaning products to hand, factor them into the shared bills, like electric and gas. As a minimum have bleach, bathroom cleaner, general purpose cleaning solution and detergent.
  • If you are struggling to keep up with the cleaning, consider getting a cleaner once a week. This small weekly investment, will often save your deposit.
  • Encourage and motivate each person to have a quick hoover of the communal areas, whilst they are cleaning their own room. A quick hoover done a couple of times a week saves a lot in the dusting later on!
  • Make it a house rule that dishes and pans should be washed up immediately after use, to prevent lingering odours and mould.

Safeguarding your Deposit
When it comes to moving out it is vital to ensure a thorough clean! Just putting the hoover round and wiping down surfaces is not often enough. The flat as a minimum must be left in the condition you moved into it. Often this means it has been professionally cleaned. If you do not want to clean your student house yourself, a deep cleaning service with Mistoria Spotless is available. For further details on Mistoria Spotless please see

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