How to avoid arguments in student lets

When looking for student lets, sharing a house with friends can be a very positive and enriching experience, however, sometimes communal living can turn into a complicated and uncomfortable situation.  When it comes to deciding who to live with, it sounds tempting to move in with your friends, those people you share the same interests and tastes as and are generally around the same age as you.  This combination usually works, but not always.

According to Judi James, UK body language and behavior expert, people tend to expect their best friends to act as they do in every aspect and when this doesn’t happen problems can occur.  James highlights how, even being a bit idealist, some popular TV series such as Friends, illustrate how different personalities make for a better living environment than those that have very similar characters i.e. a very tidy and particular Monica and a laid-back and messy Rachel.  People who are too similar will have the same flaws, but a mix of traits will mean strengths in different areas, making for a more hormonious home.

Even though they may sound obvious, the most common house sharing conflicts are:

  • Respecting each others belongings is essential when it comes to avoid arguments with housemates. You might be one of those people who don’t care if people use your stuff without asking, but not everyone behaves like that.  It’s advisable to act with caution at the beginning to see where the boundaries lie.
  • Make a rota for all the household tasks such as cleaning, paying the bills, taking out the rubbish etc. This will be helpful not just in maintaining the house but also in maintaining a good relationship with your housemates and avoiding arguments.
  • Lack of communication amongst housemates can cause little issues to build up into big problems that could be easily solved with a polite chat at the right time.

It’s inevitable that the odd conflict will arise with other housemates during your student lets tenancy, but over all the experience should be an enjoyable one, filled with unforgettable moments.  Find out more about Mistoria Estate Agents and our Liverpool student lets, by calling us on 0800 500 3015 or emailing

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