How to tackle the rental crisis

Calling all landlords! Have you noticed a distinct shortage of property in the private rental market? You may be seeing the effects of a rental crisis.

Luckily, the team of property investment experts at Mistoria Estate Agents are on hand to help you understand how it could be impacting your business.
What is the rental crisis?

If you’re a landlord on the lookout for your first or next investment property, it’s likely you’ve heard the term ‘rental crisis’ recently, but what does this actually mean and how has it come about?

Put simply, the rental crisis (also referred to as the housing crisis) means a general shortage of property on the buy-to-let (BTL) market.

There are three main factors that have contributed including a shortage of new builds, high interest rates, and rising demand from tenants.

With high interest rates, the rising cost of living, and greater demand for rental properties, landlords have widely increased their rental property prices across the UK. Consequently, renters (particularly those with low income) are finding themselves with no affordable housing options.

Similarly, landlords are being put off from investing in BTL properties due to the higher interest rates, exacerbating a shortage of housing in the private rental market.

With every property and investment type being impacted to some degree by this crisis and its multiple causes, we’re here to help!

Top tips for tackling rental crisis

As a landlord, you may be wondering how you can help both yourself and your tenants to get through this affordability crisis.

We have a few top tips that we recommend taking on board if you want to combat the consequences of this significant shortage of housing.

  • Get to know your tenants

The first step to supporting renters through the rental crisis is to reach out to any of your existing tenants. With 38 per cent of private households currently relying on local housing allowance to help cover the cost of their rent, understanding more about your tenants financial situation can ensure you’re providing as much support as possible.

Creating a better relationship with your tenants can also encourage them to be more transparent, helping you to prepare in the event that they need to move properties or can’t cover the entirety of the rent.

  • Support liberalising planning laws

In order to meet the rising demand for affordable housing, new homes need to be built. To accomplish this aim, it’s widely believed that planning laws and regulations will need to be reconsidered and more funding will need to be channelled into this area.

You can get involved with these initiatives and voice your opinion as a landlord on a local level by getting in touch with your local council and parliamentary representative.

  • Consider bill-inclusive tenancies

One way you can make your property a more affordable and popular choice is to offer a bill-inclusive tenancy. While this does mean more responsibility on your behalf, you could protect your tenants from some of the additional rising costs of living (such as energy and water bills) by choosing a more favourable tariff or deal that may not be available to your tenants.

In turn, this can help you to increase your tenant retention and ensure your property isn’t left vacant and making no money for longer periods while you search for a new tenant.

  • Research cost-of-living payments

While it’s important to look at all the Government-provided support available to yourself as a landlord, you should also explore any grants that are available to your tenants – especially those that they themselves may not be aware of.

In 2022, for example, there was a cost-of-living payment that was sent out automatically to those who are eligible.

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