House Moving tips for a stress-free house move

Moving house can be stressful. Aside from the fact that you’ve got to pack your entire existence into boxes and then unpack them again at the other end, it can also be pretty emotional to leave behind a home filled with memories and step into a new chapter of your life. We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 house moving tips to help the process run smoothly on the day.

Preparing for the move

Have a clear-out

Moving house is the perfect excuse to finally have that clear-out you’ve promised yourself for the past 10 years. You’ve got to sort through all your stuff anyway to pack it up into boxes, so now’s the time to get ruthless and ensure you’re not bringing a load of old junk to your new home.

Plan what help you’ll need on the day

Consider your budget and how much stuff you’ve got to move when deciding how much help you’ll need. If your budget will stretch to it, a professional moving service can handle the whole process, including the packing! However, if you’re trying to be a bit more thrifty, you may want to DIY the job and enlist the help of friends and family to help shift boxes backwards and forwards on the day.

Buy packaging boxes and materials

Make sure you’ve gathered plenty of cardboard boxes, newspaper, bubble wrap, parcel tape, and any other packaging materials you may need well before it’s time to pack. You’ll need to take extra special care packaging anything breakable if you want it to arrive at its destination in one piece!

Book a moving van at least six weeks in advance

Be organised by booking your moving van well before your move-in date. Make sure you book a large enough van too; the fewer trips it takes, the better.

Order new furniture

When ordering new furniture, it can take six weeks or longer to arrive, especially things like sofas. Get any necessary measurements, then order your new furniture before you move in to avoid having to sit or sleep on the floor for the first month.


Label boxes – When packing, ALWAYS label your boxes to make finding things as easy as possible when you arrive at the other end. Labelling the box with the room it belongs in is a good start, but your future self will be thankful if you add a little extra information about what’s in each box!

Pack essentials last so they’re easy to find  

Keep one or two boxes of essentials separate and throw them into the moving van last, or put them in the car with you if you have space. Think about everything you may need on the day, like your phone charger, important documents regarding the house move, scissors, and, of course, tea and coffee-making supplies and make sure they’re packed in one of these boxes.


Don’t forget to take meter readings

With so much going on during the day of the move, it’s easy to forget about meter readings! Make sure you take a final meter reading at your old house and take a photo of the meter readings when you arrive at your new home too. Passing this information to your suppliers will help ensure your bills are accurate.


Prioritise unpacking the essentials

As boxes are unloaded from the van, start putting them in the right rooms. Try to note what is in each box and set aside boxes containing essentials to be prioritised when unpacking. Kitchen and bathroom items are usually the most useful ones to unpack first.

Assemble the beds

By the end of the day, you’ll be ready to drop, so try to assemble the beds early on so that they’re ready to collapse into at the end of the day. The last thing you’ll want to do when it’s late at night and you’re feeling steamrollered is start building a bed.

Most importantly – plan, prepare, and stay calm!

While we’ve covered 10 important house moving tips here, our list is not exhaustive.

There’s a lot to remember, so try writing checklists of everything you need to pack and do to ensure you don’t forget anything.

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