Mistoria Estate Agents ‘Guide to your First Student House’

As the final countdown is now set in motion until A-Level results day, a back to school feel is in the air.

Once you know which university you will be attending this autumn you have to start thinking about all the formalities that go with it. On the top of your list? Finding a suitable accommodation for the school year.

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed by all the new responsibilities that come with being a student. Mistoria Estate Agents can lift a weight off your shoulders by helping you through the process of finding your first student house.

Our handy ‘Guide to your First Student House’ can help save you time and money on the daunting process of finding student accommodation that is right for you.

Covering the main dos and don’ts, this free student property guide covers the key points you need to think about when renting your first student house.

You will find advice and information covering what you should be looking for according to your needs and preferences, landlord obligations, budgeting and keeping your bills down. Handy move in and move out check-lists and a glossary of terms you might come across along the way are also included.

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