Five qualities to look for in an estate agent

Struggling to choose the best estate agents in your local area to help you snap up your new family home, sell your current abode, or manage your extensive property portfolio?

Unfortunately, finding estate agents locally that you can trust to act efficiently and professionally on your behalf can be difficult. From poor customer service to being provided with incorrect property details, it’s no secret that the top estate agents aren’t making these common mistakes.

Thanks to the years of invaluable experience our team has amassed in the property industry, we understand that there are certain core qualities essential to becoming one of the top estate agents in the UK.

Qualities to look for in top estate agents

Keen to make the right decision when it comes to choosing estate agents locally? To support you with this crucial process, we highlight the top five qualities that all the best estate agents share in more detail below.

Expertise and local knowledge

Individuals seek out estate agents simply because they’re experts in their industry. If an estate agency seems inexperienced or lacks expertise, potential customers are unlikely to trust them with providing accurate and up-to-date property advice.

While experience can contribute to the expertise of an agency, a dedication to improving their local knowledge can be even more advantageous. As the property value as well as rules and regulations vary from place to place, this local knowledge can prove invaluable.

The best estate agents therefore tend to open branches across a particular area, ensuring they have a specific focus with an in-depth understanding of the local area. At Mistoria Estate Agents, for example, we focus almost entirely on property opportunities in the North West of the UK.

Effective communication skills

Is there anything worse than hearing nothing from your estate agent for long periods of time when trying to sell or purchase a property? Poor communication from an estate agent can leave you feeling ignored, unimportant, or simply frustrated, so opting for an agency that has a customer-centric approach and emphasises the importance of regular communication is vital.

On top of regular communication, the form of communication is also important. If you want to avoid the struggle of getting your estate agent on the phone or only ever receiving blunt email responses, you should prioritise picking an estate agent that values clear, comprehensive, and effective communication methods.

Negotiation skills

All the best estate agents have unparalleled negotiation skills. With the right estate agent helping you to put in an offer on a property or sell your home to the right buyer, you could save thousands. A skilled estate agent negotiator can help you to present an attractive counter offer and close the deal within the desired timescale.

The most skilled estate agent negotiators will focus on trying to create a win-win situation, rather than manipulating, pressuring, or misleading either party into completing the deal.

Transparency and honesty

If you feel as though an estate agent isn’t forthcoming with information, consistently ignores the potential risks of properties they’re showing you, or doesn’t follow through with their promises, it’s often a good indicator that you should walk away.

Transparency and honesty are some of the most important estate agent qualities – especially when it comes to building a strong reputation and increasing both repeat and referral business. The best estate agents will therefore never intentionally mislead their clients and will always act with transparency to ensure a consistently positive customer experience.

Strong marketing and technology skills

Marketing and technological know-how is crucial to the success of any business, but these skills are particularly important for top estate agents. Accurate and effective online marketing is essential for generating new leads, increasing the company’s number of clients, and building brand awareness.

Paid and organic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), online adverts, and high-quality content all contribute to ensuring the agency’s services are found by their target audience. As a result, both strong marketing and technology skills are some of the most valued qualities for the best estate agents.

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