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Questions to ask when viewing a property for sale

You’ve seen a house you want to view. You’ve made an appointment and you’re now anxiously waiting for the day and the time to roll around when you can go and see what you hope will be your new home.

Rather than keep clicking back on the listing, scrolling through the images and deciding how you’d redecorate and knock down walls, try to prepare yourself for the viewing by making a list of sensible questions. It’s potentially the biggest purchase of your life so you need to give it proper time, attention and consideration.

Whether you’re a first time buyer, a second-stepper, or have moved numerous times, there are some key questions to consider when viewing a property, some of which could save you a lot of money and stress in the future, or simply give you a bit more negotiating power when it comes to the asking price.

To help you out we’ve listed what we feel are the essential questions to ask when viewing a property to buy. So get your head out of you Pinterest ‘Home decor’ board and start thinking about what you want to know about the property. We all have different priorities but we think this list will apply to most…

If you’re looking for your next home and need some help buying a house Bolton based Mistoria Estate Agents would be delighted to support you in your search. If want to know more about any of our properties or would like to book a viewing please call our friendly local team on 01204 800 766 or 07957 698 957.

Tips taken from an article by Rightmove