Tips to increase your chances of selling a house

Selling a house, particularly in 2022’s hectic market, comes with a certain level of demand.

Chances are good that you will always attract some interest, but you can’t simply rely on being guaranteed an easy sale.

Potential buyers can be held back, put off, or forced to reconsider a house purchase for a lot of different reasons, most of them, frustratingly, outside your control.

However, there are some things you can do to make the process of selling a house more manageable, enjoyable, and somewhat quicker in the form of some simple house-selling tips.

Tips for selling your house

Not every house sale is the same. Some buyers may be part of a long and complex order of separate house sales and purchases, known in housing terminology as a ‘chain’.

Property chains are common – selling a house typically means buying another, after all – but their absence is very welcome, which is why some house sales are advertised as having ‘no chain’ – meaning the seller can be gone and out of the way quickly.

This brings us to our first tip:

Prepare yourself for a lengthy property chain

As mentioned, property chains can make the act of selling your house a longer one than it often needs to be. Chains can be long and involve many people, yet it only takes one of those people to halt the process for everybody. Chains aren’t solely to blame for a lengthy house sale process that may take several months, though, and sometimes it can be the case that you’re simply waiting for an interested buyer.

While this is time that you as a seller can also make good use of during the period you’re waiting to move into your new home, it’s a good idea to set out knowing that it may not be a speedy process. Accepting this ahead of time can make all the difference.

Know your budget

Selling a house should be profitable, but there will still be costs involved. Selling with the help of an estate agent will involve fees, and there may be Capital Gains Tax to pay on the profit made from your home. There will also be fees to pay for conveyancing and anything else you wish to take on, like a survey on the property you intend to buy.

Researching these costs or getting ideas of some figures from your estate agent can help you set this money aside and avoid nasty surprises.

Tidy up

If you’re advertising through an estate agent, you’ll have to do (or may have already done) some tidying so that they can take the photographs they need to display your property on their website and attract potential buyers. But you may want to go beyond some carefully curated cleaning.

Tidying your house, getting rid of old junk, and dusting down the nooks and crannies can not only help you feel prouder of your house and more confident about letting people in to see it, but it can also help potential buyers visualise what they might want to do with the place.

Open the windows to air the rooms out, de-weed the pavement and garden, and ensure that features like the front-facing windows are clean and presentable. Interested parties who turn up to a clean and well-kept place will also feel more inclined to trust the seller, who in turn has a better leg to stand on if it comes to negotiating an offer.

Consider making some repairs

Some buyers will have keen eyes when it comes to anything that could justify reducing their maximum offer. Remedial work that they’ll need to tackle once they’ve acquired the property is sure to trigger just such an offer reduction, but quite often, these issues could be remedied with some light DIY work.

Consider whether the cost of a tin of paint and some flexible filler is worth it for the sake of resolving cosmetic issues. For larger repairs, the cost may still be worth it for your house sale in the long run. Replacing the old boiler may cost a couple of thousand pounds you didn’t strictly ‘need’ to spend, but it shows buyers that you’re serious about a fair sale – and it can add value to your house.

Research your estate agent

Online estate agents have grown in popularity in recent years but going into your local estate agent’s office means a face-to-face conversation about the services they can provide to help sell your house. Seeing some past successful sales in their portfolio can also give you peace of mind that your house sale will be overseen by an experienced team and treated with the appropriate level of care and attention.

If you’re selling a house in Cheadle, then you want an estate agent that understands house sales in Cheadle; it just makes sense.

Estate agents will want to compete for your business, so ensure you’re getting the best service for your money if you do decide to sell your house with an agency’s help.

Selling your house with Mistoria Estate Agents Cheadle

We know the business of house selling, and our team can help you make your sale a success. Our wealth of experience puts us in the best position to give you tips for selling your house and help you every step of the way with our Propertymark accredited services.

To learn more about selling your house and how we can help, contact us today.

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