Benefits of Digital Photo Enhancement

The Benefits of Digital Photo Enhancement and Virtual Furnishing

Everyone who plans on selling their house wants to do so quickly, easily, and for the best price, but many aren’t aware of the benefits of certain new technologies. In this article, if you are looking at selling a house Little Lever estate agency Mistoria guides you through these technological advances, and explains how to use them to your advantage to increase the value of any property you’re selling.

Digital Photo Enhancement

Photo-enhancing apps have gradually increased in number as more home sellers have recognised the potential for increased property value with their use. Such apps can help dress the property by removing unnecessary clutter, such as bins, rubbish and other undesirable items. and give individual rooms, and even whole homes, makeovers. In research by AXA, people who were presented with photos of a flat which had had a digital makeover estimated its value as 21 percent higher than that without one. However, such a process is rather basic. The new trend is for a complete merging of the real world with the virtual.

Virtual Furnishing

New resources, only recently launched, instead aim to alter images entirely, to demonstrate how a property could look. Using agents’ photographs, these services virtually furnish rooms and adjust the resulting images to appeal to different potential buyers, who are able to see how their new homes may look in the near future. Yet the service does not have to be limited to virtually rendered furnishings; whole new rooms can be created to demonstrate to buyers the effects of knocking through a wall and combining living spaces.

Though one might expect such processes to be laborious, they can take as little as two hours, allowing sellers to quickly and effectively increase the value of their house, and encourage more potential buyers to view the property.

Virtual Reality

Another technology which has blossomed in recent years and is set to have a great impact on the property sector is Virtual Reality. Whilst its use is widespread in the US, UK estate agents are yet to fully embrace it. It has the potential to be used for virtual tours of properties, and agents hope that, as so many property searches now begin online, it will lead to a greater conversion rate. This will allow sellers to find buyers for their properties quickly. Additionally, it should lead to a reduction in the costs associated with selling a property, whilst simultaneously making the process easier for a potential buyer.

360° Photo and Video

As technology prices decrease over time, it is expected that 360-degree photo and video will also take off as an effective marketing tool in the property sector. Potential buyers are more likely to consider a property they have seen in 360°, rather than one for which they have only seen still photos. This could potentially lead to a change in estate agent business planning – a move away from mass, fruitless viewings, to a more select group of potential tenants who are better qualified to pass judgement on a property.

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