Tips for a smooth property viewing, for the buyer and the seller

Tips for a smooth property viewing, for the buyer and the seller

You may think a property viewing is a one-way street; that it’s all about the buyer and their impression of the property. In fact the process works both ways. Whilst the buyer will ultimately start the process off by deciding to make an offer or not, it’s the seller that gets the final say over who they sell their home to.

Below are some tips for both buyers and sellers to help ensure a property views runs smoothly…


It’s important to remember that you’re viewing someone’s home. Whilst the seller has decided it’s time to move, the property is still their home at the time of your viewing and you need to treat it with respect. Small things like offering to take off your shoes when you arrive, asking before you open cupboards or try the taps will go a long way. Unless your children are a little older and need to be involved in the property buying decision, it might best to see if a relative or friend can watch them whilst you go to a viewing. An unruly child running around the house, or an ill-timed tantrum, is good for nobody. Similarly, don’t bring the dog! And don’t be late. It will only start the whole process off on the wrong foot.

In the same vein as showing respect, it’s probably best to keep your opinions to yourself whilst you’re viewing a property. The seller does not want to hear you criticise their taste! And if you’re only concerns are the colour of the carpet or the state of the curtains, remember these are only cosmetic issues and can be resolved as soon as you move in! Don’t view a property expecting everything to be to your style; it won’t be. You’ll only be wasting your time and that of the seller’s.

Probably the biggest no no during a property viewing is negotiating! Do not, under any circumstances, make an offer directly to the seller – you’ll catch them off-guard, potentially offend them and ultimately ruin the viewing. It won’t end well so just don’t do it. Speak to the estate agent afterwards if you have any concerns about the price. It’s the estate agent’s job to do the negotiating for you, and the seller, so leave it to them.


The best advice to anyone selling a property is to not be present for any viewings. Whilst this may sound odd – afterall, who knows your house better than you do right? – it can be extremely off-putting for the potential buyer. They need to feel relaxed and to be able to imagine themselves living in the property, not feel uncomfortable or like they are being watched. They need to explore; flush the toilet, open the windows, pop their heads in the loft or the cupboard under the stairs to get a real feel for the place. It’s to your advantage to allow them to do this freely.

Whether you decide to be at home during a viewing, or elsewhere, it’s important you leave it presentable. This is your chance to show off your home to its full potential and entice the viewer into wanting to buy it. Ensure every room is clean and tidy. Stow away any personal items, mail or toys in drawers. De-clutter the kitchen work tops so the viewer can see the space available and take the bins out. Put the clothes airer away and stash the laundry or ironing pile in the cupboard. Make the house look as neat and tidy as possible.

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It’s give and take, so if buyers and sellers can work to make the process as stress-free as possible, you’ll be well on your way to a successful property viewing. But remember to utilise the knowledge and experience of your estate agent too. They are on-hand to guide both the buyer and the seller through the viewing process and ultimately bring it to a successful conclusion. The agents at Mistoria Estate Agents Bolton will support you every step of the way, whether you are buying or selling a property. Our team come with a wealth of experience and know the local property market inside out. We often go above and beyond for our customers, supporting them out of hours, or whenever they need us. Call us on 01204 800 766 and see if we can’t do the same for you.

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