Bolton Sales Market, the new normal?

Like every industry, during the past 6 months we have experienced unprecedented times, this has impacted in all aspects of Sales, Lettings and Investments.

We have had to adapt our working practices and it has forced us to re think the way we do our jobs . In many ways this has invigorated the industry and prepared for the increasing buoyant marketplace.

Both sales and letting are currently booming with demand outstripping supply. Many households are looking to find their own space or the much craved garden in light of further pending restrictions giving a much needed boost to employment within our industry. Along with Stamp Duty relief and Apprentice incentives Estate Agency is enjoying a bubble of positive activity.

That said we are all facing an uncertain winter with tenants, landlords and homeowners subject to potential redundancies so as agents we need to be mindful that we may need to be very creative in the coming months in order to keep the industry moving.

We are working with local solicitors and financial advisors to support each other and keep families housed.

Please be assured that at Mistoria we will still be here to help our clients with their property requirements and we will continue to work with government guidelines to keep everybody safe.

We are planning now and we have some great ideas to keep everything stable until we can start to see what our new normal looks like.

Please give us a call if you have any questions or if we can help in any way.

We look forward to hearing from you, lets keep in touch

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