8 Steps to Selling your Property with Mistoria Estate Agents

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8 Steps to Selling your Property with Mistoria Estate Agents

If you’ve never sold a property before, it can all seem a bit overwhelming. Knowing where to start, what to do, the dos and don’ts, the things to avoid, the questions to ask and what to expect can be confusing. We’ve put together a simple step-by-step guide to selling your property to help steer you through the process to successfully selling your home for the price you wanted. Knowledge is power so they say, so arm yourself with the tips below and get ready to sell your home with the least amount of fuss.

Step 1: Accurate Valuation
Your aim should be to sell your property for the best price, in the shortest time possible. Our valuers have years of experience in valuing all types of property. They know the local property market inside out and in turn, that gives us unparalleled knowledge of local property values in the Bolton area.

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Step 2: Selecting Your Estate Agent
When choosing your estate agent there are a few things to consider to ensure your property gets maximum exposure:
– Can they do your viewings? The agent will usually get more accurate feedback from the buyer, and will be able to answer questions objectively.
– Their high street presence – do they have a local office and do the agents know the local area?
– What marketing will your property receive?
– Can you work with the agent you choose? Are the good communicators, will they make themselves available to answer your questions and/or concerns? How experienced are they and what is their success rate?

Step 3: Presenting Your Property
First impressions count. The presentation of your property is critical to a successful sale.
– Do those DIY jobs you have been putting off.
– Paint where the property looks tired.
– De-clutter to make the rooms look larger.

Step 4: The Right Marketing
To find a buyer, you need a wide range of exposure across a wide range of media. At Mistoria Estate Agents we have a marketing package including website, email alerts and SMS alerts plus PR, and full colour details and all major property portals.

Step 5: Accompanied Viewings
As mentioned in Step 2, to maximise your viewing opportunities, accompanied viewing by the agent usually achieve a better success rate. At Mistoria Estate Agents our service includes conducting all viewings (unless you would prefer to do them yourself) so you can use our expertise to sell you property.

Step 6: Receiving and Accepting An Offer
When you receive an offer from a potential buyer you can accept the price they have offered if you are happy with it, or reject it if it is too low. If you choose to accept an offer, this then kicks-off a series of actions that need to be happen to finalise the sale of your property:
– Preparing the Memorandum of Sale (this forms the basis of your contract of sale and is sent to both sets of solicitors; yours and the buyers)
– Notifying all parties in writing and qualifying your buyer.
– Advising on solicitors.

This can be a stressful period as there can often be some tooing and froing between solicitors whilst little details are finalised. Once everyone is happy, you can proceed to the exchange of contracts. This is the legal bit and until contracts are signed there are no legal obligations.

Step 7: Moving
A moving date that works for all parties will be arranged. This is know as the ‘completion date’ and where the process ends. At Mistoria Estate Agents we can recommend removal companies we have worked with and have a good reputation.

Step 8: Recommend Us!
We have no doubt you’ll be happy with the service provided to you by our friendly Bolton Estate Agents. We hope you’ll choose to recommend us to family and friends following your positive experience with us, and even choose us again in the future for the sale of any future property.

Contact us using the Valuation button found across our website or call us on 01204 800 766.


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